Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quick thoughts on the remount.

Last season, one my biggest weaknesses was my remount - that is, after I've jumped off my bike to run up a hill or negotiate an obstacle, I need to jump back on.

Surprisingly, there is some technique to it, and even more so if you want to be fast at it.

Take this guy for example:

He makes it look so easy!!

Fortunate for me, mine were never this bad:

But the key is to do it in one fluid motion like the first guy.  I always seemed to have little "skip" before I jumped on.  This totally slowed me down as I couldn't keep my momentum.  It also left me in a weird position that had me constantly hunting for my pedals to clip in - again, more time lost.

This year I think I have it down.  Don't jump onto the bike - SLIDE onto the bike.  Makes a world if difference!!

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