Monday, 24 September 2012

A little history...continued.

How I got from that ill-fitting Tricross to my current race rig isn't all that interesting.  Needless to say I discovered cross during a casual conversation with staff at my current LBS of choice - - They told me about the action packed season they were looking forward to.  8 or 9 races in total, taking place in different areas across New Brunswick.  I had been riding now for just over a year doing strictly solo rides, but I wanted to race - this was my in.

I sold the Tricross and bought a Felt F75x.  It was lighter, faster, much better components - had everything I needed to get going.  I got myself an "end of year" licence from and ventured out for my first race in Dieppe, just outside of Moncton.  I entered "C" Category - reserved for new guys with little or no racing experience.  I had an absolute blast and ended up winning that race - won $50.

Throughout that season, I won a few more C races before moving to B Category.  I managed a few podiums by the end of the season and finished 3rd in the overall points.  I think I was on to something.  I wanted to get more serious - get better.

Fast forward to this year.  I've trained - alot.  Primarily via the Road season here in NB.  I entered 3 road races and 1 crit...all of which I did well again (2 road podiums, 3rd in the Crit).  I've also suped up the bike a bit, which I'll talk about in further articles.

Coles notes - been on a bike for 2 1/2 yrs, competitively for just under 1 - and I'm ready to tackle this season in A Cat - with the big boys - and I can't friggen wait.

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