Sunday, 23 September 2012

How it began and where I am now.

1991 or 1992 - I can't remember exactly, I walked into the local bike shop in Georgetown, Ontario - Ollie's Cycle and Ski - - where I laid my eyes upon a pink and blue Concorde Sunrise mountain bike for the first time:

Chromoly frame and fork, 300LX drivetrain, biopace chainrings - all gucci in my books.

Every day I'd go to the shop on my lunch hour in high school and check out that bike.  I think it was around 400 bucks.  I cut lawns for months to buy that bike and I remember the day I rode it home with the tag still on the bars.  

For 2 or 3 years, my friends and I rode trails - almost every day after school.  We even attended a few group rides put on by Ollie's.  I remember taping Power Bars to my seat tube, just because I thought it looked cool.  I remember one ride where someone brought what I thought was a mountain bike with road bars on it.  I'd never seen anything like it.  When we got home, my friend stole the bars off his brother's Bianchi and tried to fit them on his mountain bike - needless to say it didn't work.

I continued ride the crap out of that bike - that is, until I got my driver's licence.  That rainbow Concorde sat in the shed, never to be ridden again.

Fast forward almost 20 yrs.  Just turned 35, now married, two kids, was heavy into Crossfit and jogging.  I got bored that program, and was injured a lot (self taught olympic lifting tends to do that).  I needed something different.  Hmmmm, maybe I'll buy a bike.

I went into the local bike shop (a different one this time, having moved away).  I made a completely uneducated impulse buy and walked out with a Specialized Tricross Triple.  Why did I buy that bike?  I liked the gunmetal paint job and seemed to fit properly while I stood over the top tube.

Little did I know about the lineage between the bike I just bought and that franken-bike I saw during that group ride 20 yrs ago.  I also had no idea where this ill-fitting Tricross was going to take me in so little time......

More to come, but for now, a Sunday night funny:

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  1. are you interested in selling your concorde sunrise ?