Thursday, 11 October 2012

Why you need to support your LBS

You hear it all the time: "But I can get it for 30 bucks cheaper on Amazon, Wiggle, or Chain Reaction Cycles..."

Sure you can, but what are you REALLY getting?


My last post showcased a fantastic Serfas light that I had bought from the LBS .  It's a great light - as I wrote - but this morning when I went to go for a ride, I noticed the mount for the light was hanging off the handlebar - broken.  The rubber strap had torn.

So I threw it in my jersey pocket, I was headed to the shop anyway for some chain lube and embro.  I even brought the receipt for good measure.

Facing a 60km/h headwind (really, check "Oromocto" for proof), I made it to the shop.  Brian, one of the guys there, replaced the strap without batting an eyelid.  He tore open a new in box light and gave me the strap out of it.

Now, I haven't gone online to check out the prices on the light I bought from them a week ago, and I don't plan to.  What I experienced today makes up for whatever inconsequential savings I may have gained online.  So, about that LBS again?

-  Customer service (how much turnaround would I have faced had I needed to mail that strap back to Chain Reaction in the UK?)
-  Shop events - these guys lay on road/MTB/Cross races, group rides, BBQ's,
-  They keep the downtown core alive (which is a good thing - Picaroons is around the corner)
-  They promote cycling in the community - which leads to better trails and other facilities

So needless to say I'll give my money to Brian, Josh, Mike and boys for a long time - there is a shiny S5 Team with my name on to convince the wife is a whole other story.

PS - In light of all the nasty doping and Lance traffic (which I find very interesting by the way), here's something a little more refreshing - almost tear jerking.

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